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A city girl's journey to the trails of North Carolina

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Hike 4: John’s Rock

Best. Hike. Ever. Well, at least so far. This was an amazing adventure. A perfect combination of hard work and reward. John’s Rock is located in Brevard, NC and you can access the trailhead in the parking lot of the Fish Hatchery.


The picture above is one of about 5 different “bridges” we had to cross along the way. It was interesting to watch little Ruthie make her way across each bridge. She tends to get very excited, and because she is a hound dog, she has the need to smell EVERYTHING. I thought for sure she would catch the scent of something and take off into the water. Such a goof ball.


This trail is pretty intense. Certainly the most difficult trail I’ve been on thus far. The loop is about 5 miles and climbs about 1000 feet in elevation for half of the hike. You need to be aware of whats under your feet. Tree roots and rocks are a constant battle on the trail. Having said that, the reward is spectacular.



Once you reach the top of John’s Rock, the end of the trail peeks through some trees to give you just a tiny glimpse of the scenery in front of you. After you step out on to the rock the view is breath-taking, and a bit frightening.



The rock is very steep and can be slick. As usual, being my paranoid self, I stayed very close to the trees until a made it a little further from the edge. Directly across the way you can see Looking Glass Rock (which will be my next hike). You can also see the road and the hatchery. It was such a beautiful sight to behold. We took a short break to snack and take in the views.

The hike back down was just as difficult as the hike up. Since the trail is steep on the way up, it is just as steep in the way down. Sometimes I think going down is more difficult. You have to maintain a slower pace because if you gain too much speed and momentum odds are you will just tumble down the mountain.

I would suggest this hike to everyone. It was so much fun and I will certainly go back, mostly because I want to explore the area a little more.



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Hike 3: DuPont State Forest

Ahhh, the Land of Waterfalls. There is nothing in this world like the sound of a waterfall. These natural beauties are a sight to behold! A few weeks ago I got the itch to see some waterfalls, after all I live within an hour of many of them.

As you may know, DuPont State Forest is known not only for its waterfalls, but also for its film appearances. The Last of the Mohicans and The Hunger Games were both filmed in these woods. I think its pretty cool to be traipsing through an area where many popular stars once were (I’m a movie and TV junkie, so this is like my version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame).

Aside from DuPont’s cool Hollywood connection,  it is a gorgeous area for hiking or just a leisurely stroll. If you choose the latter, though, you could limit yourself to the wonders that you could see. I (really I mean me, Daphne and, of course, Ruthie)  hiked for about 4 miles-out and back.


Hooker Falls is the first waterfall you will come across. Just a short jaunt from the parking lot (a 1/4 of a mile to be exact) you will see the first of 6 waterfalls. I only saw 3 of the waterfalls, but don’t you worry, I will go back to see all 6! You can check it out from the viewpoint at the top of a small hill, then if you walk down the hill you can get a little more up-close-and-personal.


About 1/2 a mile and a relatively steep climb later you will see the gorgeous view of Triple Falls. This is probably my favorite of the 3 falls I saw. Again, you can see it from the viewpoint or you can go down to its base. We did both. Luckily, there are stairs to take you down to the base. When you get to the base you have to be careful, the rocks can be very slick, and being the paranoid person that I am, I couldn’t bring myself to venture too far from the stairs. Some people were climbing around near the top of the waterfall, and frankly I think that is crazy and stupid. That is how people get hurt or die. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but its true. If you do decide to live on the edge, literally, please be careful!



At the 2 mile mark is High Falls. It’s a pretty easy trek, but totally worth it. We did not go down to the base of the falls this time, instead we kept going up and made it to the covered bridge. I loved the covered bridge. We took a break and enjoyed the view from the top of High Falls.

This hike is probably one of my favorites and one that I will do again and again. Next time, I might try to do all 6 waterfalls.

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Hike 1: Craggy Gardens

I should mention that I created this blog almost 2 years ago. Like I said in my last post I stopped planning anything outdoorsy because I freaked myself out with too much research, which essentially made this blog useless. However, I have now accomplished 4 hikes and it is now time for me to document those adventures.

Sometime in October I managed to convince my amazing better-half, Daphne,  to take me on a hike. Due to my tendency to do overwhelming research I  asked my  better-half if she would pick a place to go hike. I didn’t want anything to tough because it was my first time, a hiking virgin so to speak. Daphne decided on Craggy Gardens.


On the car ride, look at that goofy face! I’m talking about the dog, of course. Let me introduce you to Ruthie. She will be involved in most, if not all of these hikes 😀

I don’t want to sound too negative,but I was slightly disappointed. I expected rough terrain and a days worth of excercise. I got easy-peasy. Don’t get me wrong, the views were spectacular, but I wanted to feel like the views were my reward for all my hard work. For me it was just too easy and a bit of a let down.


I’m not saying this is a hike unworthy of your time. It’s definitely something you should do if you have young children or if you just want to take an easy stroll. However, if you want challenging, this is not the hike for you. Even as a completely novice hiker I walk all the time and everywhere because I don’t have a car, so this was just another trip around the neighborhood for me.



All in all it was a very successful hike. While it left me slightly unimpressed, it also made me hungry for more. More of a challenge. More gorgeous views. More time in the woods. That was just the push I needed.